eBooks at night, we show you the perfect accessories

We love reading with electronic books. It is true that sometimes we like to do it on paper but the comfort of an electronic ink screen is sometimes irresistible. They are light, they occupy little and we can always carry them over.

It looks good, but there is a problem: what happens when it is dark or there is little light? We can turn on the light, but we still bother those who sleep with us. For this, we have perfect accessories that will allow us to continue reading without problem.

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The electronic ink screens are great. If we read at home or outside with natural light we do not have problems: they do not give reflections , everything is read clearly and they also consume very little electricity, an advantage over smartphones or tablets.

However, when it is night it is impossible. We can turn on a light but sometimes we read in bed and do not want to disturb our partner. To solve this small problem we have some small flashlights that are placed on top of the eBook.

They are small lights that consume little energy and give enough light so we can read without disturbing the rest. We also have it in covers, where everything fits better and we also have together. Anyway, we can read in our eBook at any time of the day .

Remember that these days the Electro 3 promotion is valid and you can benefit from it to buy a new electronic book. For example, the Sony Reader PRS T2 , which also has a light case with a discount of 15%.


Christmas Gift Guide: eBooks for everyone!

Christmas is coming and with it the gifts. In Technology you are preparing a special with different guides to help you choose what you need most. After talking about the tablets, we have to talk about another star product: electronic books. We also have our shopping guide with all the information you needed to know.

Also known as eBooks, they are the alternative to paper books. Its electronic ink screen makes reading here a pleasant and simple experience. There is a lot to choose from and that’s why today we recommend three models: one for beginners, another for experts and finally one for the little ones.

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Inves Book 601, the simple but versatile reader

If what we are looking for is an eBook that is as simple as turning on and starting to read our choice, it is the Inves Book 601. It is easy to use and put books is as simple as connecting to the computer. The perfect gift for that person who is not very involved in the world of technology.

Being simple does not imply that it is simple. This electronic book is capable of reading various types of file format . Therefore, we do not have to worry about whether they are compatible or not.

It can with everything and we will not have to convert files, a process that is not complex but if we do not have much idea of ​​it can be difficult. The screen, with a size of six inches is perfect to read and always carry on . Not only to read in the living room of home, also on the beach for example.

In summary, if we want a gift for someone who simply wants to read, put their books or buy them in the online store of El Corte Inglés , this Inves Book 601 is the best option. The price-quality ratio is excellent, also its battery lasts many hours so we will not have to worry about charging it every so often.

Sony Reader PRS T2, the book for the advanced reader

When we read, surely we have ever read a brilliant phrase that we liked. We underline it with a pencil, mark it or simply write it down in a notebook. All this is possible also in an eBook and Sony makes it very easy for us .

The Sony Reader PRS T2 allows us to share quotes from what we read on Facebook or simply archive them in applications such as Evernote . All we need is a WiFi connection. All the configuration of these processes is very simple, although somewhat more complex than in other simpler readers.

The screen uses an exclusive Sony technology. It is still electronic ink but it is much more comfortable to read . In addition, its 2GB of storage will allow us to have all kinds of files without worrying about making changes in memory. It also supports a large number of formats.

To conclude, if what we are looking for is an eBook with many options , with a high quality screen and also with connectivity, the Sony Reader PRS T2 is the reader we are looking for. Lightweight, very complex and with the guarantee of a great manufacturer such as Sony.

Wolder MiBuk Kids, for the little ones in the house

Although eBooks seem like a product intended for adults, the truth is that reading is something fundamental for the little ones. Therefore, there are also options for them. They are different but more attractive, to encourage reading.

If we are looking for one for the kids, we recommend the Wolder MiBuk Kids . It has no electronic ink screen like the rest. However, it has a TFT (as if it were a tablet) that makes reading easier and also something very important: it is in color. Keep in mind that although children will like it more, you have to control consumption because this type of screens tires more.

Therefore, we can put books that are more attractive to them. It is able to open all kinds of files , including music, so if we have PDF books we can enjoy them to the fullest since we can see everything in color. Its 2GB of storage is more than enough to store many books.

This eBook has the peculiarity of being loaded with a series of Geronimo Stilton books so if our children are a fan of this nice mouse they can start reading their books here. Today, the best electronic book if we want to give to the kids.

Ebook purchase guide

Reading in public transport has become a hobby for many people. A nice hobby but that involves a slight problem: load them and their corresponding package. For many eBooks have become the solution to this problem: now we can load many books in a small device without worrying about what they occupy in our bag.

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In a matter of two years the stores have been inundated with a lot of electronic books. Devices very similar to each other where knowing the features in detail will allow us to make the right decision when buying it. In Technology from you to you we bring you this purchase guide where we discover the keys to take into account when buying an eBook.

The screen: electronic ink or TFT screen

The success of eBooks has been fundamentally based on its screen based on electronic ink. A technology that allows us to read digital files in grayscale without tiring the eyes , problem presented by other screens such as TFT or any other electronic device. Besides being comfortable, the sharpness of the texts is really good.

Another of the variants in terms of screen refers, is the bet of some manufacturers by the TFT . A screen that tires more the view but offers other possibilities such as color or the ability to use the device as a tablet.

Within the electronic ink screens we can find some tactiles. Although they are not as versatile as the capacitives of smartphones and tablets, they do very well with their mission: to offer us a simple, intuitive navigation without having to use buttons . Of course: be careful because the quality of these screens varies according to the manufacturer.

Compatibility with different types of files

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When it comes to managing our books, there is a wide variety of formats . Most eBooks accept the most popular: epub, PDF, text. However within the large catalog of devices, there are those that support more types of files. This is a detail to take into account if for example we already have books purchased in electronic format and we will load them in our new device.

Possibilities of actions during reading

One of the advantages of electronic books is the possibility of making notes without having to mark anything with a pen or pencil. Most eBooks allow us to take notes on the pages for later reference . Therefore, if we usually dedicate ourselves to saving appointments or making comments, make sure that we can develop them with the electronic book we are looking for.

Connectivity with the computer and online stores

At the time of passing the files to our electronic book we have different options according to each device. Most include an SD card slot so it’s as easy as copying the files to it from the PC and then connecting it to the eBook. Others, however, allow us to connect the book directly to the computer via USB cable.

Finally, we have eBooks that have Wi-Fi connection and allow us to buy books directly from the device itself. A very comfortable option that saves us a few steps. Some also take advantage of this wireless connection to transfer books from the computer to the book.

Extra features

Besides being able to read books, some eBooks have extra features. Most have an MP3 player so we can listen to music while we read. Others decide to go a little further and introduce other functions such as surfing the Internet , with the limitations of electronic ink, playing or reading news through an RSS reader.

We already have the ten winners!

A few weeks ago we invited you to participate in a contest where we gave away 10 Sony Reader PRS T2. In it, we asked you to share with us a book that would have marked you throughout your life.

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We thank you all for your participation. We were surprised by the good reception it has received and the quality of the answers we loved. However, only ten winners can remain.

  1. Marta Pérez Fernández
  2. José Manuel Flor López
  3. Raquel Garzón Crying
  4. Manuel R. Pertó
  5. María Susana García Sáez
  6. Inés Sanmiguel Suárez
  7. Fernando San Sebastián Trueba
  8. Miguel David Rodríguez del Rey
  9. Ceferino Rubio Marín
  10. Ricardo Vicente Riazor

Congratulations to all. We are already contacting all of you through the email address that you have given us. Remember that, according to the legal bases of the contest , you have 48 hours (2 business days) to answer us.

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Otherwise, we will update our list with other participants. Thank you all for participating and stay tuned to the blog because we have more surprises for you.

Participate and win!

Sony recently launched its new eBooks: the Reader PRS T2 . A model with touch screen that offers a great reading experience combined with the possibility of sharing fragments and appointments in our social networks in a very simple way. Undoubtedly one of the most complete models of the market and the perfect gift for devours books.

As it is the perfect gift, in Technology of you to you and the English Cut we draw ten Sony PRS T2 Reader. What do you have to do to earn it? Very easy! You just have to participate in our contest. Keep reading, we explain everything you need.

One of the virtues of the Sony Reader PRS T2 is the ability to share quotes and texts very easily. Now we want you to share with us the book that has changed your life , that has inspired or marked you for any reason and tell us why. You just have to leave us a comment with the work in question and the reason for its importance.

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The other question you have to answer is in the questionnaire below. In the post we wrote a few days ago, here you have it , you will find the solution, and in passing you will know what are the main features of this model. Answering this question correctly will be essential to win one of the 10 units we give away.

In summary: correctly answer the question of the form and then leave a comment in this post, just at the end of the content. Remember that the name and email address must be the same in both the form and the comments.

The winner will be chosen by a jury formed by the blog’s editors and the most inspired and original answer will be selected. If you have any doubt about how you participate in the contest you can ask us in the comments. You have until October 22 to participate. On November 6, the name of the winners will be published. Good luck to everyone!

Update : Thank you all for participating. All the comments written until October 22 at 24.00 at night have been recorded. Next November 6 we will publish the winners.

Get to know an electronic book to read and share!

The market for electronic books is full of options. There are many manufacturers that launch their products in order to get the favor of the user who must find features or aspects that allow you to meet their needs. But above all to opt for them before other more popular alternatives. One of the most recent releases has been Sony’s e-book reader, the Sony model eReader PRS-T2.

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What’s New in the Sony eReader PRS-T2

The new reader of Sony despite its resemblance to the previous model T1 improves. Despite maintaining the same resolution of 800 × 600 in its E-Ink Pearl 6-inch anti-reflective screen, the new device is lighter, with smaller size and thickness.

The battery also allows a greater autonomy, up to two months if you do not use the Wifi connectivity and about six weeks if it is on. But the most interesting thing about this eReader is the option to use Evernote and Facebook.

Software is everything

Today hardware differences are increasingly difficult to find. A product of similar range, the components used usually have the same specifications. This means that in certain devices the software is everything.

In the electronic books it was not going to be less. When we opt for an electronic book, we must see what it offers us at the software level. Without forgetting that it is a device to read and whose first function must be fulfilled in a correct way, being the fluency in the loading of books and turning pages the most important.

The PSR-T1 eReader allows you to use Facebook . In this way we can, from the reader send fragments as well as other data from the book we are reading to our Facebook wall. And the best, the integration with Evernote.

We recently showed how to save web pages from our browser . One of the options was to make use of Evernote and the Evernote Clipper extension. Well, from the Sony reader we can access all the notes stored in Evernote. Ideal to continue reading that web that interested us. And without forgetting that the notes saved in Evernote are in a more consistent format to facilitate reading on the electronic ink screen.

In addition, from the reader itself we can make notes with the stylus or finger that we will later have available on our computer.

So, what do I buy?

It depends on you. You have to assess what you need, what use you are going to give, if you care about the screen size, etc.

The advantage of readers like Sony’s are the software options as well as the quality of the components . Being able to use Evernote is a great feature especially if we make other additional uses of the reader such as storing notes, textbooks, guides or product manuals. And is that a reader not only allows us to read novel.

These electronic books that you love has been renewed!

If you are looking for an electronic book reader, you may be interested in knowing everything that the Inves 601 offers you , an interesting product in functions and price, 89 euros.

The Inves 601 is a reader with a 6 “electronic ink screen, equivalent to the size of a paperback page. Thanks to electronic ink, reading for long periods is more comfortable when you tire less . It also allows reading in environments with bright light, such as outdoors in full sunlight.

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The design is compact and stylish . Along with its small dimensions we also have a reduced weight that allows us to hold it for longer without getting tired. So it is ideal to take wherever we go. And all this without forgetting the controls, located on the right margin of the screen, which facilitate the change of page with one hand.

The Inves 601 supports different e-book formats, is compatible with PDF, ePub and supports Adobe DRM . What will facilitate us to import the current books that we already have in digital format. But we can also buy them in the electronic book store of El Corte Inglés, yes, through an intermediate computer. A simple process, very similar to what we could already see with the Inves WiBook 650T.

With an integrated memory of 2GB, expandable up to 16GB through micro SD cards. (URL) The Inves 601 is a great alternative (URL) for those looking for an electronic book of reduced dimensions, great autonomy (6000 page loads) and a price as attractive as its design .

So you know, if you like to read and want to enjoy the best novels and stories in the subway, the park, at home or travel the electronic book Inves 601 is a great option.

Smart Washer? Technologies that have provided (a lot of) intelligence to this appliance – Technology from you to you

The washing machine is indispensable in our home. If our kitchen is a little short of space, before we leave behind the dishwasher and scrub the pots by hand we clean the clothes ourselves. That was parked around 1950, when electric household appliances became popular in the United States.

Before that, people did the laundry in various ways (and quite brusque): against smooth stones in the river, in vats of water heated by stoves, and even bags of thick soaked cloth that were hit against the ground. Creativity to power. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to wash the house more and more intelligently.

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The ‘washing machines’ of the Industrial Revolution

Today they seem primitive, but the first washing machines became popular during the Industrial Revolution. The rotating drum by Jacob Schäffer in 1766 (left); or the ‘washing mill’ of 1790 were great landmarks of the time. The first one turned vertically, but in the second one we can see a precursor of the horizontal drum that has reached our days.

The closing of the washing machine, the next revolution

It was necessary to wait for the Universal Exhibition of London in 1862 to see the first compact washing machine. It consisted of a wooden tub reinforced by iron arches and stuffed into something very similar to a press. The cup nodded inside.

Not that it was a very efficient system, but for the time it was a before and after. The problem? Since then the washing machines have been used without opening to the outside .

A few decades later they became domestic . They no longer just cleaned the employees’ coveralls. They could be used in hotels, farms and houses (with money). They were still not economically accessible, but little by little they made their way through the affluent society.

The electric motor and the washing programs, indispensable

In 1908 came the next revolution with The Thor, a washing machine with the slogan “makes laundry days a pleasure”. I was able to move a horizontal shaft drum to several different speeds. Since then the drum has remained horizontal for almost a century. At least for standard washing machines.

In 1947 the next milestone came: washing machines with programs . Today we consider them essential, but they were a novelty. This technology did not come alone. During the 1940s, coal boilers had become popular, and it was now possible to feed the washing machine with hot water from the DHW circuit. A luxury.

Leading technologies and energy efficiency

Since then, energy efficiency has been a constant in the development of different appliances. If we compare a current model with a 1960 model, we would be shocked to see the electricity bill and its environmental impact.

During this time the sizes of 60 cm wide began to consolidate. The “traces” of cooking. But it was not until 2010 that technology took a leap and began to play a special role in the washing as such. A plus of quality in removing stains that did not exist until then. This jump was made thanks to the innovation carried out by the Samsung brand, which with EcoBubble ™ – or soap bubble technology – revolutionized the way of washing.

The soap enters the already dissolved drum with the water, creating soap bubbles that penetrate the tissues better by better capturing the detergent , shortening the washing time, saving energy and taking better care of the tissues in the process. Years later an additional technology emerged that allowed to pause the washing to add a forgotten piece of clothing: the technology AddWash ™ , today much in demand.

This “window” inside the washing machine allows not only to insert forgotten garments, but also to add hand-washed garments to rinse or centrifuge or even add extra fabric softener so that the clothes smell much better.

The next innovation in washing and care of clothes came a few years later with QuickDrive ™. While conventional washing machines have been rotating the drum in a single direction since the mid-twentieth century, QuickDrive ™ adds one more twist to the back plate and over in the opposite direction to the conventional one.

Thanks to this system, the washing time is reduced by half , the fabrics suffer less wear and save about 20% of the electricity consumption . That’s why washing machines that include this technology usually have the A +++ label of energy efficiency. If we are concerned about the environment or our electricity bill, this type of household appliances interests us.

Even more so if we choose ranges with an Internet connection capable of talking with our smartphones. Developments such as Samsung SmartThings ™ allow us to connect the washing machine to WiFi. Now we can take a picture of the clothes and the washing machine recommends the program thanks to its intelligence.

From the app, we can also program the washing machine, make diagnoses to increase its useful life or let the intelligent dosing system take care of how much to throw inside the drum. Thanks to four intelligent sensors, these washing machines can detect the amount of clothes and the level of dirt. We will be in the present, but we have reached the future.

Bread, sweet dough, fresh pasta: is it worth it to make it yourself?

The kitchen has once again become the center of social and family life in the home in which more and more people are encouraged to liberate their inner chef. We also know that food is the key to a healthy life and that is why trends are being imposed that favor the so-called real food and the recovery of home cooking.

Faced with the processed and fast food we are now rediscovering the pleasure of DIY or do it yourself, as our grandparents already did. If in the past they made bread, muffins and pasta by hand, why not go back to traditional cooking? If you believe that the world of bakery and the masses is too complicated, we reveal its secrets to discover why it is worth it.

Real food versus ultra-processed

Under the term real food or “real food” there is a movement to reclaim natural foods, totally homemade and healthy , to combat the excess of ultra-processed foods.

And what is real food ? Very simple: those products or ingredients in their natural state or with a minimum processing that has not altered their properties and nutrients. For example, raw or frozen fruits and vegetables, natural preserved vegetables or fish, fresh meat, dried or cooked vegetables, artisanal bread, whole grains or natural nuts.

The ultraprocessed are products that have industrially transformed food, destroying nutrients and worsening their quality . They are modified to make them more accessible, make them more attractive to the public and comfortable to consume, changing their texture or flavor with additives. They are usually very caloric, they do not nourish and their consumption can be harmful in the long run.

Home cooking: key to a healthy (and tastier) diet

Cooking at home we know exactly what ingredients we use , we can choose the best natural products and use healthy techniques to get the most out of them. The family kitchen of all life not only has that unmistakable comforting flavor, it is also the key to eating a balanced diet and, therefore, a healthy lifestyle.

Is home-made and healthy at odds with modern life? Precisely the latest innovations in home technology make it much easier to return to the traditional, with utensils and appliances such as kitchen robots with which we save time and effort . You do not have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a stew and now everyone can make their own bread, even the most novice.

The versatility of the robots also allow innovation in traditional recipes incorporating more professional techniques of modern haute cuisine, to give that creative point also with exotic ingredients fusing styles of other cuisines. Because eating healthy does not mean it’s boring or bland.

What are the advantages of making bread, sweets and pasta at home?

Bread, sweets, pizza or pasta have acquired a bad reputation, but precisely because of the invasion of industrial products of poor quality. The sweet and salty masses are elaborations of long tradition that already prepared in Antiquity, and that have been key in the feeding of the human being.

Preparing our own homemade bread, we recover the pleasure of the real artisan bakery , with tasty masses that taste old and last many more days in the pantry without losing its quality. We also control all their ingredients and can make them much more nutritious, for example with whole grain meals, seeds and nuts or even fruits and vegetables.

Also the sweets and the pasta taste different when they are 100% homemade, with that homemade home-made flavor that the industry is incapable of imitating. Baking our biscuits or cookies can make healthy versions with lowcarb recipes, rich in proteins, gluten-free or lactose-free, sugar-free, whole-grain, vegan … and it’s much easier than we might think.

With the Kenwood Cooking Chef robot you will easily master all masses

Working with sweet or salty masses always produces some respect. Confectionery is reputed to be very complex and it seems that many hours and effort are needed to make homemade bread or pasta, but things have changed a lot since the time of our grandparents.

Just as nobody washes clothes by hand, home technology offers us solutions to make our lives much easier in the kitchen, and more so with the hectic pace of life today. A) Yes. Kenwood’s Cooking Chef kitchen robot is the most versatile and practical to prepare whatever you propose, also masses and pasta of all kinds.

It is an ideal robot to enjoy homemade bakery and pastry, thanks to its large bowl of stainless steel with capacity of 6.7 liters , capable of working with the largest masses. In addition, since the base works on the induction cooking system, it can be transformed into a fermentation chamber to quickly move the bakery doughs.

Kenwood’s exclusive system of planetary action allows the accessory coupled to the robot to turn on itself, while rotating in the opposite direction to the central axis. This way he is able to mix, beat and knead everything: above, below, in the center and on all sides.

With its powerful 1500W motor and its great stability, even beating at high speed, it makes less noise and is capable of working even the heaviest masses , so that we do not have to worry about kneading by hand, thus saving time and considerable effort. While Cooking Chef kneads, mixes, grinds and beats, you can control the elaboration or dedicate yourself to other tasks.

The stainless steel accessories make even the most complex techniques to be sewing and singing. Cooking Chef has a globe-shaped rod blender, a flexible blender, a stirring hook, a K mixer to mix and a kneading hook designed specifically to prepare fermented doughs in record time. Together with the planetary action of the bowl, it reproduces the movement of a baker kneading machine to obtain professional results.

You can also venture into the delicious world of fresh homemade pasta , in the style of Italian mammas , but with the minimum effort. Among its more than 30 additional accessories, there is a fresh pasta maker and another to make flat pasta, with which to prepare many varieties. From the classic tagliatelle, cannelloni and spaghetti to sophisticated forms such as casarecce, trenette or bigoli; you will surprise everyone at home with your most creative recipes.

With Cooking Chef’s pre-established cooking programs and the great cookbook that you have at your disposal online, you will not be short of ideas to start taking out the baker or pastry cook you have inside. It shows that everyone can return to enjoy homemade bread or traditional pastries in the quickest and easiest way, even the youngest ones can help.

Image result for Kitchen Robot Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060S induction heating

Kitchen Robot Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060S induction heating

Kenwood Cooking Chef kitchen robot will become your indispensable assistant on a daily basis thanks to its multifunctionality, versatility and its 8 accessories . It has fast, efficient and safe induction cooking technology with a wide range of temperatures (from 20º to 180º) and 23 pre-established programs to carry out different recipes efficiently. It also has 7 cooking modes to adapt to each recipe.

To make matters worse, registering on the Kenwood website you will access the Platinum Service , the totally free VIP service with which you will enjoy numerous advantages, such as the 5 year guarantee, collection and delivery of the robot in case of incident and the gift of a kitchen scale. And remember that in the Cooking Academy space of Kenwood many ideas await you to inspire and get the chef you have inside, with recipes by professional chefs, online videos to consult whenever you need and many courses completely free of charge that they celebrate throughout Spain. You will learn to get the most out of your Cooking Chef with tips and tricks to cook like an expert.

Eeverything a washing machine does remotely

One of the trends that is becoming a tangible and tangible reality is to connect everyday objects to the Internet. And when the Internet of Things is applied to household devices and appliances, the concept of “Connected Home” appears , which is being avidly adopted by the manufacturers of consumer electronic devices and household appliances.

Image result for Samsung QuickDrive ™ washing machine

Samsung is a pioneer in this new territory, and bet from very early on to provide its appliances with the necessary connectivity to manage and monitor remotely through an app. This application is called Samsung SmartThings ™ and, among other appliances and devices, allows you to remotely control and monitor the status of QuickDrive ™ washers that carry WiFi connectivity.

It may seem that having an app to control a washing machine is not very useful. But, if you think a little about the possibilities that open up before us , the panorama changes . Without going any further, you can let us know that we have left the laundry without picking up, one of the most frequent causes that make it necessary to repeat a wash if the laundry remains wet for a long time inside the drum.

Samsung QuickDrive ™ models with Wi-Fi can connect to the SmartThings ™ app to add them to the list of remotely manageable appliances . Their number grows steadily, as connectivity is added to more types of devices, such as robot vacuum cleaners, ovens, air conditioning systems or refrigerators, not forgetting televisions.

The process of installation and setup of the app is simple. It only requires following a few simple steps in the washing machine, as entering the name of the WiFi network of our home in the configuration menu of the app . Afterwards, it will detect the compatible devices connected to the same home network, so that we are able to communicate with the washing machine from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

An app that helps me choose the optimal wash

Image result for Samsung QuickDrive ™ app

One of the most tedious tasks in the use of a washing machine is to choose the optimal washing program for the garments . It is easy to make a mistake, not so much in the direction of damaging the tissues, but in not using the right wash for every occasion. Or we exceed the temperature (which can damage the clothes) or we spend time (or we are short). And all this without really knowing what fabric is each and how to align the type of clothes that we wash with the program in the washing machine.

The app has a graphic menu that makes the task of selecting the clothes and the program much more visual and didactic . And, of course, if there are garments that do not match well, we will be warned so that we do not mix garments with unsupported washing types. If we choose shirts and shirts, for example, the application will tell us that it is not advisable to put blouses in the wash. And, at the end of this process, the app will recommend the best program that fits the selection of garments.

When and how will the washing be?

Another of the possibilities offered by SmartThings ™ is to define how and when clothes will be washed. Through the app, it is possible to precisely define the end time of the wash so that it ends just when we return home . If we have to leave early and do not have time to finish the washing, if we do not have programming options, we will have to postpone the task until we get home, and at those times it may not be advisable to put the washing machine.

The QuickDrive ™ washers are silent thanks to their careful design and engine technology, but even so it is better to wash them at daytime . Also, if we have to wait for the washing machine to finish after arriving from work, we will be consuming a time that we could spend with friends or family. With the SmartThings ™ app we can program the washing to finish when we are going to arrive. What’s more, we can decide on the fly in the event that we leave earlier or later.

In this way, we can have the laundry ready for when we get home and we just have to put or put in the dryer . It is a fundamental functionality to make the washing machine at our service in a useful and practical way. The flexibility it brings makes us maximize the free time we have, reducing what we have to devote to paying attention to domestic chores.

An even easier use

The application also has utility even without leaving home. Apart from diagnostic and maintenance tasks, it is much easier to operate the washing machine from the app than from the panel. The central control of the washing machine on the front panel is easy and intuitive, but we do not have as much information about what we are doing as in the application .

Thus, we can define everything related to the type of washing, the program, the revolutions of the centrifuge, the water temperature, the number of rinses, and we can even stop the washing to add garments if the model we have is AddWash ™ , that includes a small extra door to add items that have been forgotten or do not need a full wash.

Simplicity is the key

In the end it all comes down to one goal: to make household chores easier for users, so that they can take advantage of their time and attention to other professional or playful tasks . In addition, this type of automation allows optimizing the use of resources such as water or energy. QuickDrive ™ washers can wash at a lower temperature with optimal results, for example. When using the app, settings for time, temperature or water use are left to the “smart” technologies of Samsung.

Although washing machines are not the only type of appliances that can be connected through SmartThings, it is one of the most traditional, going through a process of “smarting” to make the user experience much more friendly, easy, optimal and efficient. . Putting the laundry will no longer be a heavy task.

What’s wrong with me, doctor

One of the most useful functions, but which is better not to use, is the diagnostic of the washing machine . With the SmartThings ™ app we can know how many washes have been done, what components need to be checked, how the filter can be. It will also inform if the washing machine suffers some kind of wear that is worth checking through the technical service or if it is convenient to clean the drum, among other tasks . In addition, we can send precise error codes to the technical service, to make it clear what they are facing before sending anyone. This way, delays are avoided and the procedure is streamlined when going “to shot done“.

It is not one of the functionalities of the application that will be handled with more pleasure, but it can be the difference between having to dedicate hours of our time to solve an incident to invest only a few minutes.