A few weeks ago we invited you to participate in a contest where we gave away 10 Sony Reader PRS T2. In it, we asked you to share with us a book that would have marked you throughout your life.

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We thank you all for your participation. We were surprised by the good reception it has received and the quality of the answers we loved. However, only ten winners can remain.

  1. Marta Pérez Fernández
  2. José Manuel Flor López
  3. Raquel Garzón Crying
  4. Manuel R. Pertó
  5. María Susana García Sáez
  6. Inés Sanmiguel Suárez
  7. Fernando San Sebastián Trueba
  8. Miguel David Rodríguez del Rey
  9. Ceferino Rubio Marín
  10. Ricardo Vicente Riazor

Congratulations to all. We are already contacting all of you through the email address that you have given us. Remember that, according to the legal bases of the contest , you have 48 hours (2 business days) to answer us.

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Otherwise, we will update our list with other participants. Thank you all for participating and stay tuned to the blog because we have more surprises for you.