If you are looking for an electronic book reader, you may be interested in knowing everything that the Inves 601 offers you , an interesting product in functions and price, 89 euros.

The Inves 601 is a reader with a 6 “electronic ink screen, equivalent to the size of a paperback page. Thanks to electronic ink, reading for long periods is more comfortable when you tire less . It also allows reading in environments with bright light, such as outdoors in full sunlight.

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The design is compact and stylish . Along with its small dimensions we also have a reduced weight that allows us to hold it for longer without getting tired. So it is ideal to take wherever we go. And all this without forgetting the controls, located on the right margin of the screen, which facilitate the change of page with one hand.

The Inves 601 supports different e-book formats, is compatible with PDF, ePub and supports Adobe DRM . What will facilitate us to import the current books that we already have in digital format. But we can also buy them in the electronic book store of El Corte Inglés, yes, through an intermediate computer. A simple process, very similar to what we could already see with the Inves WiBook 650T.

With an integrated memory of 2GB, expandable up to 16GB through micro SD cards. (URL) The Inves 601 is a great alternative (URL) for those looking for an electronic book of reduced dimensions, great autonomy (6000 page loads) and a price as attractive as its design .

So you know, if you like to read and want to enjoy the best novels and stories in the subway, the park, at home or travel the electronic book Inves 601 is a great option.