Although almost all phones have super resistant glasses (the famous Gorilla Glass or sapphire crystals in some smartwatches), the truth is that you can see broken or scratched screens everywhere, so it is advisable to use a screen protector of tempered glass.

Increased scratch resistance and increased fall protection are the advantages of tempered glass screen protectors. However, the ugly bubbles and the accumulation of dirt under the glass can ruin everything and make your new mobile not too good.

That’s why, today we’re going to show you the best tips and tricks to put a tempered glass protector on your phone. That way it will always be perfect!

Cleanliness is everything

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Before starting, the most important thing is to clean everything well, like the doctor who is going to operate. So:

  • Wash your hands with soap to remove dirt and grease from your fingers, lest you “leave a trace”.
  • Clean well the dust of the table or the surface where you are going to put the phone and the screen protector. If you do not, a speck of dust, an eyelash or a fluff can fly and stay between the tempered glass and the screen.
  • Clean the phone screen well . That is impeccable before even touching anything, some protectors bring two wipes for this, one wet and one dry, use them.

In these steps and the following, take your time , better to spend a few minutes and spend hygiene, than regret for weeks the dirt and bubbles.

How to put a tempered glass screen protector

Now it’s time to put the crystal. To do this, put the phone horizontally in front of you.

Once this is done, there are a few chosen ones that are able to remove the plastic that protects the adhesive part (be careful not to put your finger when holding it and touch the glue or leave a trace). They put it, it stays straight and there are no fingerprints or bubbles.

But if we are not of those chosen, we can use the easiest trick, the one of the hinge .

Before removing anything and leaving the part that sticks in the air, put the screen protector on top of the phone (with the adhesive part without taking off) and align it perfectly with your phone.

When you are, put two pieces of zeal or tape on one side , that will join the phone and the tempered glass and will be like a pair of hinges, with the protector acting as a lid.

The key, again, is patience. If it has not been perfect and has moved to put the zeal, we repeat until it is well aligned.

Now lift the protector by the side where there is no tape (if you have stuck it well is like a lid that opens and closes), remove the plastic that protects the adhesive using the white strip that usually has and carefully drops the glass tempered on the screen. It will be aligned.

If there have been air bubbles (and not dust or dirt, because we have cleaned well), you can press with your thumb out to bring them to the edges and disappear.

Now you have your screen protector perfectly put, remove the zeal that has been hinge and finished.

Master tricks to put a tempered glass screen protector

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If you want to go to the next level and everything is impeccable, there are several tricks to facilitate this process and that is impeccable.

The trick of the shower. What we do here is put the tempered glass screen protector inside the bathroom, right after we showered.

For what? With the humid shower environment, the dust and other floating particles will no longer be so floating, so there is less chance of them ruining our work.

The balloon trick. Take a normal balloon, of those used in a party. Pull it out, rub it against the shirt or sweater and it will load up with static. Now leave it next to the phone and it will absorb dust and particles that go through the air.

The trick of the suction cup. Use one of those small suction cups that stick to the wall tiles with a hook to handle the screen protector. Other options are the suction arrows of children’s toys.

Attach the suction cup to the non-adhesive part of the tempered glass. That will make you not have to maneuver with your fingers and accidentally leave your fingerprint in the glue of the screen saver, something very common.

As you see, placing a tempered glass screen protector is very easy and the main thing is patience, especially if it is a frameless mobile . It will be perfect if you follow these tricks. Better safe than sorry and have to fix the mobile screen!