Sony recently launched its new eBooks: the Reader PRS T2 . A model with touch screen that offers a great reading experience combined with the possibility of sharing fragments and appointments in our social networks in a very simple way. Undoubtedly one of the most complete models of the market and the perfect gift for devours books.

As it is the perfect gift, in Technology of you to you and the English Cut we draw ten Sony PRS T2 Reader. What do you have to do to earn it? Very easy! You just have to participate in our contest. Keep reading, we explain everything you need.

One of the virtues of the Sony Reader PRS T2 is the ability to share quotes and texts very easily. Now we want you to share with us the book that has changed your life , that has inspired or marked you for any reason and tell us why. You just have to leave us a comment with the work in question and the reason for its importance.

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The other question you have to answer is in the questionnaire below. In the post we wrote a few days ago, here you have it , you will find the solution, and in passing you will know what are the main features of this model. Answering this question correctly will be essential to win one of the 10 units we give away.

In summary: correctly answer the question of the form and then leave a comment in this post, just at the end of the content. Remember that the name and email address must be the same in both the form and the comments.

The winner will be chosen by a jury formed by the blog’s editors and the most inspired and original answer will be selected. If you have any doubt about how you participate in the contest you can ask us in the comments. You have until October 22 to participate. On November 6, the name of the winners will be published. Good luck to everyone!

Update : Thank you all for participating. All the comments written until October 22 at 24.00 at night have been recorded. Next November 6 we will publish the winners.