We love the night of the Kings, no matter how much we grow older. We go to bed with the worm in our stomach thinking that the Kings will have brought us. If you are going to the cavalcades and plant yourself with your umbrella to get all the candy, it is because you have been to your city or town, and you know perfectly how it works and which car pulls the most candy. What you do not know, is how the rest of the cavalcades that exist in Spain work. But calm, that we show you how they are so that when you go, you know how to move like Pedro through his house.

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By boat, climbing the stairs or on skis

Did you know that the first cavalcade was held in Alcoy (Valencia), in 1866? It has been declared a holiday of National Tourist interest. In this town, on the day of the parade, the pages climb up the stairs to the balconies of the children to hand out the gifts in hand. Now that is to have the Magi in shape!

In cities with sea like Barcelona and Alicante, the Kings come by boat . They are received by the mayors and prepare to walk the streets of the city distributing candies. Mola, huh?

In the town of Elche it is tradition that, after the ride, the children light a torch in the door of their houses so that the Kings know the way to go and do not get lost. There, the Magi have no excuse for being confused!

If at the beginning we said that the Alcoy cavalcade is the oldest, that of Granada is not far behind because in 2012 it was a century old. The Magi bring more than 20 floats with them and when they finish the tour, their Majesties go up to the balcony of the town hall to greet all the children.

In Seville, the Magi not only give out sweets

In the Andalusian city, from 2014 the Kings on their way through the city will give away in addition to the mythical sweets, t-shirts, small dolls and even soccer balls. Sound good right?

In addition, the Magi have been incarnated by famous people. From Carmen Sevilla to the president of Betis! So stay tuned this year, you never know who can be one of the Kings.

In San Sebastian, the pages and Kings, distributed more than 1000 kilos of candy suitable for celiacs in 2012. Also in this ride we can find herds of animals such as sheep, horses, geese, … an experience!

In Aragon, their majesties put on skis, visit the ski slopes, greet children and handover sweets while skiing. These Kings know how to do everything!

And this is not only Spanish, outside Spain there is also a parade of the Kings. In the Polish city of Warsaw, since 2009 it has been celebrated on the Sunday before January 6. There in Poland, the Kings are very modern!

What we should not forget is to put milk for the camels so that next year do not forget our house. Sure they like and repeat!