Instagram is the most trendy social network. Many celebrities use it as their main channel of communication, such as DJ Wally López , Dulceida, or other influencers , who have emerged in the heat of Instagram.

If you want to follow his steps, today we show you how to get followers on Instagram. Point, there are five tricks!

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1. Always use relevant hashtags

Label your photos well with the right hashtags . Thus, you will discover people who are looking for things related to your video or image. That’s the way you’ll find people you do not follow yet.

The truth is that the more hashtags, the more visibility you will have. And what is the trick to put up to 30 if necessary? Do not put them in the main text, but in the first comment , which you will do yourself responding to your post .

Of course, do not use any label without coming to mind, because you will only get them to ignore you, or make you unfollow by plasta.

And when those new people discover you by the hashtags , some will look at your profile and decide whether to follow you. If you want to get that follow, pay attention to the following advice, it will help you a lot!

2. Take good care of the images and videos of your main feed

In your feed there is only space for your best photos and videos, so that Julio Iglesias’s meme and the blurry videos of last night’s party, better for Stories.

Some profiles are a real work of art, play with colors and even with compositions of several photos to form a single image.

We must have that attractive and quality profile if we want to be followed. How are you going to get followers on Instagram by always putting the same photo of beer or food? It is no longer possible, it is time to filter and leave only the best in the main profile.

Do not forget your bio. Make it attractive to fit your profile.

3. Follow relevant people according to your interests, and genuinely interact with them

In the end, many followers will come because you followed them first (come on, the follow-up of a lifetime). Even so, it does not help much, it does not work as before.

The best thing is that you follow relevant people, who really interest us, and interact with them, providing value . That means that not only we will put emoticons and say that we really like what we see and that’s it, but we will interact contributing something to the conversation, with them and their followers.

Solve doubts, help others, comment on interesting things … If we show that genuine interest, they will want to follow us naturally and not lose contact.

4. Make repost of the content of others

What happens if you do not have your own spectacular content? You can share the content of others . Instagram does not make it as simple as other social networks, so, to facilitate that work, you can use the Repost app, which you can download for free for Android here and for iOS here .

How to know what content on Instagram do repost? Easy, look at the “likes” and the comments of those videos or photos before doing it . This is a way to offer something fun and that you like in your profile, which will surely get you many new followers.

5. Write something good to accompany the images

Many people who do not understand how to get followers on Instagram, leave out the post text or put anything. Error! If we want to make our profile really interesting, and differentiate ourselves, it is worth spending a moment to write something interesting that accompanies the image or the video .

If you can not think of anything, you can resort to famous quotes, but they have to do with what you have uploaded. There are many people who put a photo that has nothing to do with those appointments, and this does not make much sense.

Now that you have these five tricks … What are you waiting for to put them into practice and be the next instagramer of the moment?