Several manufacturers are already working to develop folding and flexible mobiles that could revolutionize the market in 2019. Do you want to know how they will work and who is developing them?

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Folding mobiles are approaching

The new generation of smartphones is about to arrive, hand in hand with the flexibility that mobile phones bring. Literally and figuratively.

Imagine being able to extend your 5-inch phone to 8 to watch a movie on the big screen as in the picture. And not only that! The same after watching the movie you want to do some exercise. Then fold your smartphone around your wrist and ale, to run!

It is a reality that could be very present within a couple of years , when its technologies mature and companies start to launch them to the market. Patience!

For now, we will have to wait , because only patents and prototypes that could be tested in technology fairs have appeared.

Challenges ahead

As you can imagine, it is a complicated technology , and manufacturers have to make sure that, above all, the device is safe and resistant.

If in addition to folding they want to make it flexible, they have to ensure that all the components can be folded. First of all there is the composition of the glass , which has to be strong to protect the interior of the device but also fold easily

On the other hand, there are the batteries . Those that can bend do not have as much capacity and take a long time to load. The engineers are trying to put minibars through the mobile or place it in a fixed part.

Once they manage to solve these challenges, we will find thinner and lighter devices . Much more comfortable to wear!

The first devices

It takes speculating for some time on the Samsung Galaxy X. The image above is one of the patents registered by the company, which continues to refine the model. It could be opened like a wallet , with a hinge through the center and form a 7-inch tablet.

Although, at the moment, there is nothing official announced; according to the rumors, the mobile would bring a piece of 4K screen and two rear cameras with different lenses to take better photos (like the iPhone 7 plus). It does not sound bad at all!

As for the interior, it would have an integrated battery, 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, quite typical capabilities. If you do not make versions with more capacity, you can fix it with MicroSD card.

But not only Samsung works to get them commercialized. Lenovo, Xiaomi and LG also want to add to fashion and follow the company closely.

If you can not wait for them to arrive … you can always go back to the classic flip-phones . More duration, simplicity and, above all, being able to hang up by closing the phone, one of those small pleasures that life gives us.