The market for electronic books is full of options. There are many manufacturers that launch their products in order to get the favor of the user who must find features or aspects that allow you to meet their needs. But above all to opt for them before other more popular alternatives. One of the most recent releases has been Sony’s e-book reader, the Sony model eReader PRS-T2.

What’s New in the Sony eReader PRS-T2

The new reader of Sony despite its resemblance to the previous model T1 improves. Despite maintaining the same resolution of 800 × 600 in its E-Ink Pearl 6-inch anti-reflective screen, the new device is lighter, with smaller size and thickness.

The battery also allows a greater autonomy, up to two months if you do not use the Wifi connectivity and about six weeks if it is on. But the most interesting thing about this eReader is the option to use Evernote and Facebook.

Software is everything

Today hardware differences are increasingly difficult to find. A product of similar range, the components used usually have the same specifications. This means that in certain devices the software is everything.

In the electronic books it was not going to be less. When we opt for an electronic book, we must see what it offers us at the software level. Without forgetting that it is a device to read and whose first function must be fulfilled in a correct way, being the fluency in the loading of books and turning pages the most important.

The PSR-T1 eReader allows you to use Facebook . In this way we can, from the reader send fragments as well as other data from the book we are reading to our Facebook wall. And the best, the integration with Evernote.

We recently showed how to save web pages from our browser . One of the options was to make use of Evernote and the Evernote Clipper extension. Well, from the Sony reader we can access all the notes stored in Evernote. Ideal to continue reading that web that interested us. And without forgetting that the notes saved in Evernote are in a more consistent format to facilitate reading on the electronic ink screen.

In addition, from the reader itself we can make notes with the stylus or finger that we will later have available on our computer.

So, what do I buy?

It depends on you. You have to assess what you need, what use you are going to give, if you care about the screen size, etc.

The advantage of readers like Sony’s are the software options as well as the quality of the components . Being able to use Evernote is a great feature especially if we make other additional uses of the reader such as storing notes, textbooks, guides or product manuals. And is that a reader not only allows us to read novel.