One of the trends that is becoming a tangible and tangible reality is to connect everyday objects to the Internet. And when the Internet of Things is applied to household devices and appliances, the concept of “Connected Home” appears , which is being avidly adopted by the manufacturers of consumer electronic devices and household appliances.

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Samsung is a pioneer in this new territory, and bet from very early on to provide its appliances with the necessary connectivity to manage and monitor remotely through an app. This application is called Samsung SmartThings ™ and, among other appliances and devices, allows you to remotely control and monitor the status of QuickDrive ™ washers that carry WiFi connectivity.

It may seem that having an app to control a washing machine is not very useful. But, if you think a little about the possibilities that open up before us , the panorama changes . Without going any further, you can let us know that we have left the laundry without picking up, one of the most frequent causes that make it necessary to repeat a wash if the laundry remains wet for a long time inside the drum.

Samsung QuickDrive ™ models with Wi-Fi can connect to the SmartThings ™ app to add them to the list of remotely manageable appliances . Their number grows steadily, as connectivity is added to more types of devices, such as robot vacuum cleaners, ovens, air conditioning systems or refrigerators, not forgetting televisions.

The process of installation and setup of the app is simple. It only requires following a few simple steps in the washing machine, as entering the name of the WiFi network of our home in the configuration menu of the app . Afterwards, it will detect the compatible devices connected to the same home network, so that we are able to communicate with the washing machine from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

An app that helps me choose the optimal wash

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One of the most tedious tasks in the use of a washing machine is to choose the optimal washing program for the garments . It is easy to make a mistake, not so much in the direction of damaging the tissues, but in not using the right wash for every occasion. Or we exceed the temperature (which can damage the clothes) or we spend time (or we are short). And all this without really knowing what fabric is each and how to align the type of clothes that we wash with the program in the washing machine.

The app has a graphic menu that makes the task of selecting the clothes and the program much more visual and didactic . And, of course, if there are garments that do not match well, we will be warned so that we do not mix garments with unsupported washing types. If we choose shirts and shirts, for example, the application will tell us that it is not advisable to put blouses in the wash. And, at the end of this process, the app will recommend the best program that fits the selection of garments.

When and how will the washing be?

Another of the possibilities offered by SmartThings ™ is to define how and when clothes will be washed. Through the app, it is possible to precisely define the end time of the wash so that it ends just when we return home . If we have to leave early and do not have time to finish the washing, if we do not have programming options, we will have to postpone the task until we get home, and at those times it may not be advisable to put the washing machine.

The QuickDrive ™ washers are silent thanks to their careful design and engine technology, but even so it is better to wash them at daytime . Also, if we have to wait for the washing machine to finish after arriving from work, we will be consuming a time that we could spend with friends or family. With the SmartThings ™ app we can program the washing to finish when we are going to arrive. What’s more, we can decide on the fly in the event that we leave earlier or later.

In this way, we can have the laundry ready for when we get home and we just have to put or put in the dryer . It is a fundamental functionality to make the washing machine at our service in a useful and practical way. The flexibility it brings makes us maximize the free time we have, reducing what we have to devote to paying attention to domestic chores.

An even easier use

The application also has utility even without leaving home. Apart from diagnostic and maintenance tasks, it is much easier to operate the washing machine from the app than from the panel. The central control of the washing machine on the front panel is easy and intuitive, but we do not have as much information about what we are doing as in the application .

Thus, we can define everything related to the type of washing, the program, the revolutions of the centrifuge, the water temperature, the number of rinses, and we can even stop the washing to add garments if the model we have is AddWash ™ , that includes a small extra door to add items that have been forgotten or do not need a full wash.

Simplicity is the key

In the end it all comes down to one goal: to make household chores easier for users, so that they can take advantage of their time and attention to other professional or playful tasks . In addition, this type of automation allows optimizing the use of resources such as water or energy. QuickDrive ™ washers can wash at a lower temperature with optimal results, for example. When using the app, settings for time, temperature or water use are left to the “smart” technologies of Samsung.

Although washing machines are not the only type of appliances that can be connected through SmartThings, it is one of the most traditional, going through a process of “smarting” to make the user experience much more friendly, easy, optimal and efficient. . Putting the laundry will no longer be a heavy task.

What’s wrong with me, doctor

One of the most useful functions, but which is better not to use, is the diagnostic of the washing machine . With the SmartThings ™ app we can know how many washes have been done, what components need to be checked, how the filter can be. It will also inform if the washing machine suffers some kind of wear that is worth checking through the technical service or if it is convenient to clean the drum, among other tasks . In addition, we can send precise error codes to the technical service, to make it clear what they are facing before sending anyone. This way, delays are avoided and the procedure is streamlined when going “to shot done“.

It is not one of the functionalities of the application that will be handled with more pleasure, but it can be the difference between having to dedicate hours of our time to solve an incident to invest only a few minutes.