We love reading with electronic books. It is true that sometimes we like to do it on paper but the comfort of an electronic ink screen is sometimes irresistible. They are light, they occupy little and we can always carry them over.

It looks good, but there is a problem: what happens when it is dark or there is little light? We can turn on the light, but we still bother those who sleep with us. For this, we have perfect accessories that will allow us to continue reading without problem.

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The electronic ink screens are great. If we read at home or outside with natural light we do not have problems: they do not give reflections , everything is read clearly and they also consume very little electricity, an advantage over smartphones or tablets.

However, when it is night it is impossible. We can turn on a light but sometimes we read in bed and do not want to disturb our partner. To solve this small problem we have some small flashlights that are placed on top of the eBook.

They are small lights that consume little energy and give enough light so we can read without disturbing the rest. We also have it in covers, where everything fits better and we also have together. Anyway, we can read in our eBook at any time of the day .

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