Reading in public transport has become a hobby for many people. A nice hobby but that involves a slight problem: load them and their corresponding package. For many eBooks have become the solution to this problem: now we can load many books in a small device without worrying about what they occupy in our bag.

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In a matter of two years the stores have been inundated with a lot of electronic books. Devices very similar to each other where knowing the features in detail will allow us to make the right decision when buying it. In Technology from you to you we bring you this purchase guide where we discover the keys to take into account when buying an eBook.

The screen: electronic ink or TFT screen

The success of eBooks has been fundamentally based on its screen based on electronic ink. A technology that allows us to read digital files in grayscale without tiring the eyes , problem presented by other screens such as TFT or any other electronic device. Besides being comfortable, the sharpness of the texts is really good.

Another of the variants in terms of screen refers, is the bet of some manufacturers by the TFT . A screen that tires more the view but offers other possibilities such as color or the ability to use the device as a tablet.

Within the electronic ink screens we can find some tactiles. Although they are not as versatile as the capacitives of smartphones and tablets, they do very well with their mission: to offer us a simple, intuitive navigation without having to use buttons . Of course: be careful because the quality of these screens varies according to the manufacturer.

Compatibility with different types of files

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When it comes to managing our books, there is a wide variety of formats . Most eBooks accept the most popular: epub, PDF, text. However within the large catalog of devices, there are those that support more types of files. This is a detail to take into account if for example we already have books purchased in electronic format and we will load them in our new device.

Possibilities of actions during reading

One of the advantages of electronic books is the possibility of making notes without having to mark anything with a pen or pencil. Most eBooks allow us to take notes on the pages for later reference . Therefore, if we usually dedicate ourselves to saving appointments or making comments, make sure that we can develop them with the electronic book we are looking for.

Connectivity with the computer and online stores

At the time of passing the files to our electronic book we have different options according to each device. Most include an SD card slot so it’s as easy as copying the files to it from the PC and then connecting it to the eBook. Others, however, allow us to connect the book directly to the computer via USB cable.

Finally, we have eBooks that have Wi-Fi connection and allow us to buy books directly from the device itself. A very comfortable option that saves us a few steps. Some also take advantage of this wireless connection to transfer books from the computer to the book.

Extra features

Besides being able to read books, some eBooks have extra features. Most have an MP3 player so we can listen to music while we read. Others decide to go a little further and introduce other functions such as surfing the Internet , with the limitations of electronic ink, playing or reading news through an RSS reader.