Technology has allowed the appearance of transport applications such as Cabify or Uber and the modernization of the usual taxis with its mytaxi app. As usual, there are so many that we do not know which one to choose. Which is the cheapest? And the fastest?

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The company returned to Madrid last year, with its UberX, the low-cost option, and Uber One, which are high-end electric cars. Once the application is downloaded, you can register from Facebook and enter your mobile number and card number (or Paypal). Thus, the payment is made automatically when you get off the car and if there are problems to find you can call you by phone.

When ordering an Uber, decide a collection point that suits you and you can see in real time how the car approaches . The downside is that, sometimes, there is no Uber available in the area, so you’ll have to wait a bit.

One of its most outstanding aspects is the rating system, which has been followed by the rest of the apps. When the trip is over, you rate your driver up to 5 stars, so that other customers and the company itself know if they do their job well. And not only that, you are also punctuated by the driver , so be careful with putting your feet on your back.


This Spanish company is the transport application that has grown the most in the last year. He has fallen in love with people with his deal . They offer bottles of water, wifi, ask if the temperature of the car seems correct or if you prefer another radio station.

To register you have to leave your email and ID. They have many types of transportation and, before choosing which one is best suited to you, it tells you how long it can take to your location and its exact rate. As you can see in the image, you have a good fleet of vehicles available, which is updated according to your position and availability.

Cabify is the only one of the three that shows you the exact price without approximations. The best thing about this service is that it calculates the price according to the optimum distance and does not charge anything extra if there are traffic jams or if the driver gets confused on the way.


This complete application is used to ask for the taxis of a lifetime, with the same rates you would have to call one with your finger. Generally it is more expensive than in the other cases, but they assure you of their professionalism and, in some trips, more quickly to be able to circulate in the bus-bike lane.

When ordering the taxi, you have many options and details to suit your needs. You can also mark your favorite taxi drivers , so you can repeat a trip with someone with whom you had a pleasant conversation.

We have already left you the data. Now it’s your turn to try each service based on your preferences for professionalism, treatment and rates. For longer trips, it is best to use other applications such as Amovens or Blablacar, and keep these Google Maps tricks in mind.