Christmas is coming and with it the gifts. In Technology you are preparing a special with different guides to help you choose what you need most. After talking about the tablets, we have to talk about another star product: electronic books. We also have our shopping guide with all the information you needed to know.

Also known as eBooks, they are the alternative to paper books. Its electronic ink screen makes reading here a pleasant and simple experience. There is a lot to choose from and that’s why today we recommend three models: one for beginners, another for experts and finally one for the little ones.

Inves Book 601, the simple but versatile reader

If what we are looking for is an eBook that is as simple as turning on and starting to read our choice, it is the Inves Book 601. It is easy to use and put books is as simple as connecting to the computer. The perfect gift for that person who is not very involved in the world of technology.

Being simple does not imply that it is simple. This electronic book is capable of reading various types of file format . Therefore, we do not have to worry about whether they are compatible or not.

It can with everything and we will not have to convert files, a process that is not complex but if we do not have much idea of ​​it can be difficult. The screen, with a size of six inches is perfect to read and always carry on . Not only to read in the living room of home, also on the beach for example.

In summary, if we want a gift for someone who simply wants to read, put their books or buy them in the online store of El Corte Inglés , this Inves Book 601 is the best option. The price-quality ratio is excellent, also its battery lasts many hours so we will not have to worry about charging it every so often.

Sony Reader PRS T2, the book for the advanced reader

When we read, surely we have ever read a brilliant phrase that we liked. We underline it with a pencil, mark it or simply write it down in a notebook. All this is possible also in an eBook and Sony makes it very easy for us .

The Sony Reader PRS T2 allows us to share quotes from what we read on Facebook or simply archive them in applications such as Evernote . All we need is a WiFi connection. All the configuration of these processes is very simple, although somewhat more complex than in other simpler readers.

The screen uses an exclusive Sony technology. It is still electronic ink but it is much more comfortable to read . In addition, its 2GB of storage will allow us to have all kinds of files without worrying about making changes in memory. It also supports a large number of formats.

To conclude, if what we are looking for is an eBook with many options , with a high quality screen and also with connectivity, the Sony Reader PRS T2 is the reader we are looking for. Lightweight, very complex and with the guarantee of a great manufacturer such as Sony.

Wolder MiBuk Kids, for the little ones in the house

Although eBooks seem like a product intended for adults, the truth is that reading is something fundamental for the little ones. Therefore, there are also options for them. They are different but more attractive, to encourage reading.

If we are looking for one for the kids, we recommend the Wolder MiBuk Kids . It has no electronic ink screen like the rest. However, it has a TFT (as if it were a tablet) that makes reading easier and also something very important: it is in color. Keep in mind that although children will like it more, you have to control consumption because this type of screens tires more.

Therefore, we can put books that are more attractive to them. It is able to open all kinds of files , including music, so if we have PDF books we can enjoy them to the fullest since we can see everything in color. Its 2GB of storage is more than enough to store many books.

This eBook has the peculiarity of being loaded with a series of Geronimo Stilton books so if our children are a fan of this nice mouse they can start reading their books here. Today, the best electronic book if we want to give to the kids.