If this summer you have been wanting to travel further, or are already thinking about Christmas gifts, today is your lucky day. We will help you achieve those goals, with the best financial applications .

What information do you provide? Of everything! You can know at all times what you spend, what your economic situation is and save more. Do you stay to see them?

Fintonic, the queen of finance application

If true. We had already told you about Fintonic, but it has improved so much since then, that it is still the first mandatory recommendation .

Five years of life, more than half a million users and the award of Google itself to the best financial application. Undoubtedly, Fintonic is the queen of apps to control your money at all times, and help you save.

For that, Fintonic connects to the accounts of your banks and offers you, in one place, all the important information: cards, entries and exits, insurance, checking accounts …

Although this finance application connects to your banks, it only does so with the reading keys. That is, Fintonic can read the information and group it so that you have everything in one place, but you can not touch the money, just look . Well thought, huh?

Control of spending, recommendations, budgets, notice of movements … Without a doubt, it is the most powerful financial application.

Fintonic is a free application so download it here for Android and for iOS here . What are you waiting for?

Control Expenses, the simple and effective finance application

Do not you need so many benefits and you simply want to monitor income and expenses in the simplest way? Control Expenses is the financial application you are looking for.

Look very well what you spend is the first step to save , without that control, you get nothing. So, with this app , you can easily enter your monthly income, the payments you make, what you do … etc.

Many times, we believe that we have barely spent on clothes or whims and, if we keep a record, it turns out that we are giving ourselves too many joys. With Controlling Expenses that will no longer happen to you and will help you stay within your budget.

Control expenses is a free app for Android, which you can download here . For iOS you have a very similar financial application in Fudge, which you can download for free here .

1Money, the most balanced finance application

If you are one of those who want the perfect balance between features, design and simplicity , 1Money is the perfect finance application.

It has more possibilities to control your expenses and income, and a very careful design, 1Money is, without a doubt, what you are looking for if you do not want applications that are looking in your accounts .

You can enter expenses with a single touch, plan your budget to avoid deviating, see at a glance how you are going … etc. 1Money is a free application for Android, do not hesitate and download it here.

And what about those who have iPhone? We do not forget, that’s why we have looked for a very similar alternative: Coinkeeper, which you can download for free here . Also with a very careful design, and similar, it is also super easy to use, no doubt it will be the financial application with which you will save.

Remember! Everything starts with control, and now you will have all your money tied with your mobile if you download these apps. You will not stop saving!