Ebook purchase guide

Reading in public transport has become a hobby for many people. A nice hobby but that involves a slight problem: load them and their corresponding package. For many eBooks have become the solution to this problem: now we can load many books in a small device without worrying about what they occupy in our bag. In a matter of two […]

Participate and win!

Sony recently launched its new eBooks: the Reader PRS T2 . A model with touch screen that offers a great reading experience combined with the possibility of sharing fragments and appointments in our social networks in a very simple way. Undoubtedly one of the most complete models of the market and the perfect gift for devours books. As it is […]

Smart Washer? Technologies that have provided (a lot of) intelligence to this appliance – Technology from you to you

The washing machine is indispensable in our home. If our kitchen is a little short of space, before we leave behind the dishwasher and scrub the pots by hand we clean the clothes ourselves. That was parked around 1950, when electric household appliances became popular in the United States. Before that, people did the laundry in various ways (and quite […]