The kitchen has once again become the center of social and family life in the home in which more and more people are encouraged to liberate their inner chef. We also know that food is the key to a healthy life and that is why trends are being imposed that favor the so-called real food and the recovery of home cooking.

Faced with the processed and fast food we are now rediscovering the pleasure of DIY or do it yourself, as our grandparents already did. If in the past they made bread, muffins and pasta by hand, why not go back to traditional cooking? If you believe that the world of bakery and the masses is too complicated, we reveal its secrets to discover why it is worth it.

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Real food versus ultra-processed

Under the term real food or “real food” there is a movement to reclaim natural foods, totally homemade and healthy , to combat the excess of ultra-processed foods.

And what is real food ? Very simple: those products or ingredients in their natural state or with a minimum processing that has not altered their properties and nutrients. For example, raw or frozen fruits and vegetables, natural preserved vegetables or fish, fresh meat, dried or cooked vegetables, artisanal bread, whole grains or natural nuts.

The ultraprocessed are products that have industrially transformed food, destroying nutrients and worsening their quality . They are modified to make them more accessible, make them more attractive to the public and comfortable to consume, changing their texture or flavor with additives. They are usually very caloric, they do not nourish and their consumption can be harmful in the long run.

Home cooking: key to a healthy (and tastier) diet

Cooking at home we know exactly what ingredients we use , we can choose the best natural products and use healthy techniques to get the most out of them. The family kitchen of all life not only has that unmistakable comforting flavor, it is also the key to eating a balanced diet and, therefore, a healthy lifestyle.

Is home-made and healthy at odds with modern life? Precisely the latest innovations in home technology make it much easier to return to the traditional, with utensils and appliances such as kitchen robots with which we save time and effort . You do not have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a stew and now everyone can make their own bread, even the most novice.

The versatility of the robots also allow innovation in traditional recipes incorporating more professional techniques of modern haute cuisine, to give that creative point also with exotic ingredients fusing styles of other cuisines. Because eating healthy does not mean it’s boring or bland.

What are the advantages of making bread, sweets and pasta at home?

Bread, sweets, pizza or pasta have acquired a bad reputation, but precisely because of the invasion of industrial products of poor quality. The sweet and salty masses are elaborations of long tradition that already prepared in Antiquity, and that have been key in the feeding of the human being.

Preparing our own homemade bread, we recover the pleasure of the real artisan bakery , with tasty masses that taste old and last many more days in the pantry without losing its quality. We also control all their ingredients and can make them much more nutritious, for example with whole grain meals, seeds and nuts or even fruits and vegetables.

Also the sweets and the pasta taste different when they are 100% homemade, with that homemade home-made flavor that the industry is incapable of imitating. Baking our biscuits or cookies can make healthy versions with lowcarb recipes, rich in proteins, gluten-free or lactose-free, sugar-free, whole-grain, vegan … and it’s much easier than we might think.

With the Kenwood Cooking Chef robot you will easily master all masses

Working with sweet or salty masses always produces some respect. Confectionery is reputed to be very complex and it seems that many hours and effort are needed to make homemade bread or pasta, but things have changed a lot since the time of our grandparents.

Just as nobody washes clothes by hand, home technology offers us solutions to make our lives much easier in the kitchen, and more so with the hectic pace of life today. A) Yes. Kenwood’s Cooking Chef kitchen robot is the most versatile and practical to prepare whatever you propose, also masses and pasta of all kinds.

It is an ideal robot to enjoy homemade bakery and pastry, thanks to its large bowl of stainless steel with capacity of 6.7 liters , capable of working with the largest masses. In addition, since the base works on the induction cooking system, it can be transformed into a fermentation chamber to quickly move the bakery doughs.

Kenwood’s exclusive system of planetary action allows the accessory coupled to the robot to turn on itself, while rotating in the opposite direction to the central axis. This way he is able to mix, beat and knead everything: above, below, in the center and on all sides.

With its powerful 1500W motor and its great stability, even beating at high speed, it makes less noise and is capable of working even the heaviest masses , so that we do not have to worry about kneading by hand, thus saving time and considerable effort. While Cooking Chef kneads, mixes, grinds and beats, you can control the elaboration or dedicate yourself to other tasks.

The stainless steel accessories make even the most complex techniques to be sewing and singing. Cooking Chef has a globe-shaped rod blender, a flexible blender, a stirring hook, a K mixer to mix and a kneading hook designed specifically to prepare fermented doughs in record time. Together with the planetary action of the bowl, it reproduces the movement of a baker kneading machine to obtain professional results.

You can also venture into the delicious world of fresh homemade pasta , in the style of Italian mammas , but with the minimum effort. Among its more than 30 additional accessories, there is a fresh pasta maker and another to make flat pasta, with which to prepare many varieties. From the classic tagliatelle, cannelloni and spaghetti to sophisticated forms such as casarecce, trenette or bigoli; you will surprise everyone at home with your most creative recipes.

With Cooking Chef’s pre-established cooking programs and the great cookbook that you have at your disposal online, you will not be short of ideas to start taking out the baker or pastry cook you have inside. It shows that everyone can return to enjoy homemade bread or traditional pastries in the quickest and easiest way, even the youngest ones can help.

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Kitchen Robot Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060S induction heating

Kenwood Cooking Chef kitchen robot will become your indispensable assistant on a daily basis thanks to its multifunctionality, versatility and its 8 accessories . It has fast, efficient and safe induction cooking technology with a wide range of temperatures (from 20º to 180º) and 23 pre-established programs to carry out different recipes efficiently. It also has 7 cooking modes to adapt to each recipe.

To make matters worse, registering on the Kenwood website you will access the Platinum Service , the totally free VIP service with which you will enjoy numerous advantages, such as the 5 year guarantee, collection and delivery of the robot in case of incident and the gift of a kitchen scale. And remember that in the Cooking Academy space of Kenwood many ideas await you to inspire and get the chef you have inside, with recipes by professional chefs, online videos to consult whenever you need and many courses completely free of charge that they celebrate throughout Spain. You will learn to get the most out of your Cooking Chef with tips and tricks to cook like an expert.