Bixby is already on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + worldwide to deal with Siri and Google Assistant. Will you fall in love as the virtual assistant of the film HER?

What is it and what does it want to be?

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Along with the expected launch of the Galaxy S8 , Samsung has incorporated its own virtual assistant Or at least part of it, because it does not yet have voice recognition. At the moment you will have to write … in English, because you are still working on your translation into Spanish.

But there are good news! Samsung is betting so hard on Bixby that he has added his own side button. No matter what you are doing, you can press and “summon” the assistant to help you.

In the style of Google Assistant, Bixby incorporates artificial intelligence to improve your experience and learn about your routine and how you use the phone during the day. For example, the time you usually leave home will warn you if it rains or it will make it easier for you to ask for an Uber. Little more and he knots your tie!

What’s new Old man?

You’ve heard this before: you can ask what time it is, call your mother, or show her your last picture without losing a lot of time. But what’s different about it?

Samsung does not want your assistant to stay on your mobile, they want to connect all their products. In the future, you can change the channel or raise the temperature of the air conditioning by telling your smartphone .

In addition, he understands colloquial language and context . How does this work? Bixby interprets your words and acts according to the application in which you are. The best part is that you are constantly learning, so the more you use it, the more it will be done to you.
Following this logic, if you want to know the time of the weekend, you could say “Saturday” within the application of time.

Another great novelty is that it is not limited to understanding voice and text, but also images, thanks to Bixby Vision . You can scan items for Bixby to give you more details such as where to buy it and opinions from other users.

It not only serves to buy things , it also recognizes monuments, translates texts , searches for similar images and gives detailed information about wines. Can it molar more?

How about? Will you give him a chance? And above all, will he have a roguish side like Siri ? We hope you have a couple of employees thinking funny ways to refuse hand requests.