Bixby is born, the new virtual assistant from Samsung

Bixby is already on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + worldwide to deal with Siri and Google Assistant. Will you fall in love as the virtual assistant of the film HER?

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What is it and what does it want to be?

Along with the expected launch of the Galaxy S8 , Samsung has incorporated its own virtual assistant Or at least part of it, because it does not yet have voice recognition. At the moment you will have to write … in English, because you are still working on your translation into Spanish.

But there are good news! Samsung is betting so hard on Bixby that he has added his own side button. No matter what you are doing, you can press and “summon” the assistant to help you.

In the style of Google Assistant, Bixby incorporates artificial intelligence to improve your experience and learn about your routine and how you use the phone during the day. For example, the time you usually leave home will warn you if it rains or it will make it easier for you to ask for an Uber. Little more and he knots your tie!

What’s new Old man?

You’ve heard this before: you can ask what time it is, call your mother, or show her your last picture without losing a lot of time. But what’s different about it?

Samsung does not want your assistant to stay on your mobile, they want to connect all their products. In the future, you can change the channel or raise the temperature of the air conditioning by telling your smartphone .

In addition, he understands colloquial language and context . How does this work? Bixby interprets your words and acts according to the application in which you are. The best part is that you are constantly learning, so the more you use it, the more it will be done to you.
Following this logic, if you want to know the time of the weekend, you could say “Saturday” within the application of time.

Another great novelty is that it is not limited to understanding voice and text, but also images, thanks to Bixby Vision . You can scan items for Bixby to give you more details such as where to buy it and opinions from other users.

It not only serves to buy things , it also recognizes monuments, translates texts , searches for similar images and gives detailed information about wines. Can it molar more?

How about? Will you give him a chance? And above all, will he have a roguish side like Siri ? We hope you have a couple of employees thinking funny ways to refuse hand requests.

How to get followers on Instagram?

Instagram is the most trendy social network. Many celebrities use it as their main channel of communication, such as DJ Wally López , Dulceida, or other influencers , who have emerged in the heat of Instagram.

If you want to follow his steps, today we show you how to get followers on Instagram. Point, there are five tricks!

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1. Always use relevant hashtags

Label your photos well with the right hashtags . Thus, you will discover people who are looking for things related to your video or image. That’s the way you’ll find people you do not follow yet.

The truth is that the more hashtags, the more visibility you will have. And what is the trick to put up to 30 if necessary? Do not put them in the main text, but in the first comment , which you will do yourself responding to your post .

Of course, do not use any label without coming to mind, because you will only get them to ignore you, or make you unfollow by plasta.

And when those new people discover you by the hashtags , some will look at your profile and decide whether to follow you. If you want to get that follow, pay attention to the following advice, it will help you a lot!

2. Take good care of the images and videos of your main feed

In your feed there is only space for your best photos and videos, so that Julio Iglesias’s meme and the blurry videos of last night’s party, better for Stories.

Some profiles are a real work of art, play with colors and even with compositions of several photos to form a single image.

We must have that attractive and quality profile if we want to be followed. How are you going to get followers on Instagram by always putting the same photo of beer or food? It is no longer possible, it is time to filter and leave only the best in the main profile.

Do not forget your bio. Make it attractive to fit your profile.

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3. Follow relevant people according to your interests, and genuinely interact with them

In the end, many followers will come because you followed them first (come on, the follow-up of a lifetime). Even so, it does not help much, it does not work as before.

The best thing is that you follow relevant people, who really interest us, and interact with them, providing value . That means that not only we will put emoticons and say that we really like what we see and that’s it, but we will interact contributing something to the conversation, with them and their followers.

Solve doubts, help others, comment on interesting things … If we show that genuine interest, they will want to follow us naturally and not lose contact.

4. Make repost of the content of others

What happens if you do not have your own spectacular content? You can share the content of others . Instagram does not make it as simple as other social networks, so, to facilitate that work, you can use the Repost app, which you can download for free for Android here and for iOS here .

How to know what content on Instagram do repost? Easy, look at the “likes” and the comments of those videos or photos before doing it . This is a way to offer something fun and that you like in your profile, which will surely get you many new followers.

5. Write something good to accompany the images

Many people who do not understand how to get followers on Instagram, leave out the post text or put anything. Error! If we want to make our profile really interesting, and differentiate ourselves, it is worth spending a moment to write something interesting that accompanies the image or the video .

If you can not think of anything, you can resort to famous quotes, but they have to do with what you have uploaded. There are many people who put a photo that has nothing to do with those appointments, and this does not make much sense.

Now that you have these five tricks … What are you waiting for to put them into practice and be the next instagramer of the moment?

Put a screen protector and make it perfect

Although almost all phones have super resistant glasses (the famous Gorilla Glass or sapphire crystals in some smartwatches), the truth is that you can see broken or scratched screens everywhere, so it is advisable to use a screen protector of tempered glass.

Increased scratch resistance and increased fall protection are the advantages of tempered glass screen protectors. However, the ugly bubbles and the accumulation of dirt under the glass can ruin everything and make your new mobile not too good.

That’s why, today we’re going to show you the best tips and tricks to put a tempered glass protector on your phone. That way it will always be perfect!

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Cleanliness is everything

Before starting, the most important thing is to clean everything well, like the doctor who is going to operate. So:

  • Wash your hands with soap to remove dirt and grease from your fingers, lest you “leave a trace”.
  • Clean well the dust of the table or the surface where you are going to put the phone and the screen protector. If you do not, a speck of dust, an eyelash or a fluff can fly and stay between the tempered glass and the screen.
  • Clean the phone screen well . That is impeccable before even touching anything, some protectors bring two wipes for this, one wet and one dry, use them.

In these steps and the following, take your time , better to spend a few minutes and spend hygiene, than regret for weeks the dirt and bubbles.

How to put a tempered glass screen protector

Now it’s time to put the crystal. To do this, put the phone horizontally in front of you.

Once this is done, there are a few chosen ones that are able to remove the plastic that protects the adhesive part (be careful not to put your finger when holding it and touch the glue or leave a trace). They put it, it stays straight and there are no fingerprints or bubbles.

But if we are not of those chosen, we can use the easiest trick, the one of the hinge .

Before removing anything and leaving the part that sticks in the air, put the screen protector on top of the phone (with the adhesive part without taking off) and align it perfectly with your phone.

When you are, put two pieces of zeal or tape on one side , that will join the phone and the tempered glass and will be like a pair of hinges, with the protector acting as a lid.

The key, again, is patience. If it has not been perfect and has moved to put the zeal, we repeat until it is well aligned.

Now lift the protector by the side where there is no tape (if you have stuck it well is like a lid that opens and closes), remove the plastic that protects the adhesive using the white strip that usually has and carefully drops the glass tempered on the screen. It will be aligned.

If there have been air bubbles (and not dust or dirt, because we have cleaned well), you can press with your thumb out to bring them to the edges and disappear.

Now you have your screen protector perfectly put, remove the zeal that has been hinge and finished.

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Master tricks to put a tempered glass screen protector

If you want to go to the next level and everything is impeccable, there are several tricks to facilitate this process and that is impeccable.

The trick of the shower. What we do here is put the tempered glass screen protector inside the bathroom, right after we showered.

For what? With the humid shower environment, the dust and other floating particles will no longer be so floating, so there is less chance of them ruining our work.

The balloon trick. Take a normal balloon, of those used in a party. Pull it out, rub it against the shirt or sweater and it will load up with static. Now leave it next to the phone and it will absorb dust and particles that go through the air.

The trick of the suction cup. Use one of those small suction cups that stick to the wall tiles with a hook to handle the screen protector. Other options are the suction arrows of children’s toys.

Attach the suction cup to the non-adhesive part of the tempered glass. That will make you not have to maneuver with your fingers and accidentally leave your fingerprint in the glue of the screen saver, something very common.

As you see, placing a tempered glass screen protector is very easy and the main thing is patience, especially if it is a frameless mobile . It will be perfect if you follow these tricks. Better safe than sorry and have to fix the mobile screen!

How mobile phones will be in the coming years

Several manufacturers are already working to develop folding and flexible mobiles that could revolutionize the market in 2019. Do you want to know how they will work and who is developing them?

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Folding mobiles are approaching

The new generation of smartphones is about to arrive, hand in hand with the flexibility that mobile phones bring. Literally and figuratively.

Imagine being able to extend your 5-inch phone to 8 to watch a movie on the big screen as in the picture. And not only that! The same after watching the movie you want to do some exercise. Then fold your smartphone around your wrist and ale, to run!

It is a reality that could be very present within a couple of years , when its technologies mature and companies start to launch them to the market. Patience!

For now, we will have to wait , because only patents and prototypes that could be tested in technology fairs have appeared.

Challenges ahead

As you can imagine, it is a complicated technology , and manufacturers have to make sure that, above all, the device is safe and resistant.

If in addition to folding they want to make it flexible, they have to ensure that all the components can be folded. First of all there is the composition of the glass , which has to be strong to protect the interior of the device but also fold easily

On the other hand, there are the batteries . Those that can bend do not have as much capacity and take a long time to load. The engineers are trying to put minibars through the mobile or place it in a fixed part.

Once they manage to solve these challenges, we will find thinner and lighter devices . Much more comfortable to wear!

The first devices

It takes speculating for some time on the Samsung Galaxy X. The image above is one of the patents registered by the company, which continues to refine the model. It could be opened like a wallet , with a hinge through the center and form a 7-inch tablet.

Although, at the moment, there is nothing official announced; according to the rumors, the mobile would bring a piece of 4K screen and two rear cameras with different lenses to take better photos (like the iPhone 7 plus). It does not sound bad at all!

As for the interior, it would have an integrated battery, 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, quite typical capabilities. If you do not make versions with more capacity, you can fix it with MicroSD card.

But not only Samsung works to get them commercialized. Lenovo, Xiaomi and LG also want to add to fashion and follow the company closely.

If you can not wait for them to arrive … you can always go back to the classic flip-phones . More duration, simplicity and, above all, being able to hang up by closing the phone, one of those small pleasures that life gives us.

Comparing the best transport applications

Technology has allowed the appearance of transport applications such as Cabify or Uber and the modernization of the usual taxis with its mytaxi app. As usual, there are so many that we do not know which one to choose. Which is the cheapest? And the fastest?

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The company returned to Madrid last year, with its UberX, the low-cost option, and Uber One, which are high-end electric cars. Once the application is downloaded, you can register from Facebook and enter your mobile number and card number (or Paypal). Thus, the payment is made automatically when you get off the car and if there are problems to find you can call you by phone.

When ordering an Uber, decide a collection point that suits you and you can see in real time how the car approaches . The downside is that, sometimes, there is no Uber available in the area, so you’ll have to wait a bit.

One of its most outstanding aspects is the rating system, which has been followed by the rest of the apps. When the trip is over, you rate your driver up to 5 stars, so that other customers and the company itself know if they do their job well. And not only that, you are also punctuated by the driver , so be careful with putting your feet on your back.


This Spanish company is the transport application that has grown the most in the last year. He has fallen in love with people with his deal . They offer bottles of water, wifi, ask if the temperature of the car seems correct or if you prefer another radio station.

To register you have to leave your email and ID. They have many types of transportation and, before choosing which one is best suited to you, it tells you how long it can take to your location and its exact rate. As you can see in the image, you have a good fleet of vehicles available, which is updated according to your position and availability.

Cabify is the only one of the three that shows you the exact price without approximations. The best thing about this service is that it calculates the price according to the optimum distance and does not charge anything extra if there are traffic jams or if the driver gets confused on the way.


This complete application is used to ask for the taxis of a lifetime, with the same rates you would have to call one with your finger. Generally it is more expensive than in the other cases, but they assure you of their professionalism and, in some trips, more quickly to be able to circulate in the bus-bike lane.

When ordering the taxi, you have many options and details to suit your needs. You can also mark your favorite taxi drivers , so you can repeat a trip with someone with whom you had a pleasant conversation.

We have already left you the data. Now it’s your turn to try each service based on your preferences for professionalism, treatment and rates. For longer trips, it is best to use other applications such as Amovens or Blablacar, and keep these Google Maps tricks in mind.

How we like the cavalcade of the Magi!

We love the night of the Kings, no matter how much we grow older. We go to bed with the worm in our stomach thinking that the Kings will have brought us. If you are going to the cavalcades and plant yourself with your umbrella to get all the candy, it is because you have been to your city or town, and you know perfectly how it works and which car pulls the most candy. What you do not know, is how the rest of the cavalcades that exist in Spain work. But calm, that we show you how they are so that when you go, you know how to move like Pedro through his house.

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By boat, climbing the stairs or on skis

Did you know that the first cavalcade was held in Alcoy (Valencia), in 1866? It has been declared a holiday of National Tourist interest. In this town, on the day of the parade, the pages climb up the stairs to the balconies of the children to hand out the gifts in hand. Now that is to have the Magi in shape!

In cities with sea like Barcelona and Alicante, the Kings come by boat . They are received by the mayors and prepare to walk the streets of the city distributing candies. Mola, huh?

In the town of Elche it is tradition that, after the ride, the children light a torch in the door of their houses so that the Kings know the way to go and do not get lost. There, the Magi have no excuse for being confused!

If at the beginning we said that the Alcoy cavalcade is the oldest, that of Granada is not far behind because in 2012 it was a century old. The Magi bring more than 20 floats with them and when they finish the tour, their Majesties go up to the balcony of the town hall to greet all the children.

In Seville, the Magi not only give out sweets

In the Andalusian city, from 2014 the Kings on their way through the city will give away in addition to the mythical sweets, t-shirts, small dolls and even soccer balls. Sound good right?

In addition, the Magi have been incarnated by famous people. From Carmen Sevilla to the president of Betis! So stay tuned this year, you never know who can be one of the Kings.

In San Sebastian, the pages and Kings, distributed more than 1000 kilos of candy suitable for celiacs in 2012. Also in this ride we can find herds of animals such as sheep, horses, geese, … an experience!

In Aragon, their majesties put on skis, visit the ski slopes, greet children and handover sweets while skiing. These Kings know how to do everything!

And this is not only Spanish, outside Spain there is also a parade of the Kings. In the Polish city of Warsaw, since 2009 it has been celebrated on the Sunday before January 6. There in Poland, the Kings are very modern!

What we should not forget is to put milk for the camels so that next year do not forget our house. Sure they like and repeat!

Control your expenses with these financial applications

If this summer you have been wanting to travel further, or are already thinking about Christmas gifts, today is your lucky day. We will help you achieve those goals, with the best financial applications .

What information do you provide? Of everything! You can know at all times what you spend, what your economic situation is and save more. Do you stay to see them?

Fintonic, the queen of finance application

If true. We had already told you about Fintonic, but it has improved so much since then, that it is still the first mandatory recommendation .

Five years of life, more than half a million users and the award of Google itself to the best financial application. Undoubtedly, Fintonic is the queen of apps to control your money at all times, and help you save.

For that, Fintonic connects to the accounts of your banks and offers you, in one place, all the important information: cards, entries and exits, insurance, checking accounts …

Although this finance application connects to your banks, it only does so with the reading keys. That is, Fintonic can read the information and group it so that you have everything in one place, but you can not touch the money, just look . Well thought, huh?

Control of spending, recommendations, budgets, notice of movements … Without a doubt, it is the most powerful financial application.

Fintonic is a free application so download it here for Android and for iOS here . What are you waiting for?

Control Expenses, the simple and effective finance application

Do not you need so many benefits and you simply want to monitor income and expenses in the simplest way? Control Expenses is the financial application you are looking for.

Look very well what you spend is the first step to save , without that control, you get nothing. So, with this app , you can easily enter your monthly income, the payments you make, what you do … etc.

Many times, we believe that we have barely spent on clothes or whims and, if we keep a record, it turns out that we are giving ourselves too many joys. With Controlling Expenses that will no longer happen to you and will help you stay within your budget.

Control expenses is a free app for Android, which you can download here . For iOS you have a very similar financial application in Fudge, which you can download for free here .

1Money, the most balanced finance application

If you are one of those who want the perfect balance between features, design and simplicity , 1Money is the perfect finance application.

It has more possibilities to control your expenses and income, and a very careful design, 1Money is, without a doubt, what you are looking for if you do not want applications that are looking in your accounts .

You can enter expenses with a single touch, plan your budget to avoid deviating, see at a glance how you are going … etc. 1Money is a free application for Android, do not hesitate and download it here .

And what about those who have iPhone? We do not forget, that’s why we have looked for a very similar alternative: Coinkeeper, which you can download for free here . Also with a very careful design, and similar, it is also super easy to use, no doubt it will be the financial application with which you will save.

Remember! Everything starts with control, and now you will have all your money tied with your mobile if you download these apps. You will not stop saving!

These are the best phablets of 2016

There have been many smartphones and phablets that have left since the end of 2015 to this day, but there are some that stand out above others. We want to tell you the 2 phablets that have starred in the top so far this year.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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It was presented by Mark Zuckerberg in the mobile world congress in March of this year. It has been a revolution both for its design and its specifications.

It carries a 8-core and 64-bit Exunos processor that comes with a 5.5-inch screen. The internal memory is 32 GB expandable up to 200 GB with a microSD card. The Android version is 6.0 and has a very durable battery of 3,600 mAh.

It is also water resistant to the point that it can be submerged up to 1.5 m deep for 30 minutes.

The cameras are 12 megapixels and 5 megapixels the rear and the front respectively, also recorded in 4K.

On the other hand, it incorporates a dual-pixel system that no smartphone on the market has included so far. It is a system that is only found in SLR cameras and that makes the camera focus the scene much faster.

iPhone 6S Plus

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It is the jewel in the Apple crown for lovers of phablets . It incorporates a 64-bit Apple A9 processor with an M9 coprocessor with voice activation and comes with 3 different internal memory capacities: 16, 64 and 128 GB with 2 GB of RAM. The internal memory is not expandable by means of a microSD card.

The screen is 5.5 inches and its battery is somewhat lower than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with 2750 mAh. The cameras are 12 megapixels and 5 megapixels, the rear and the front respectively. You can record 4K at 30 fps, thanks to its rear lens and includes a flash retina in the front camera.

It has 3D Touch, the new iPhone panel that can determine with what pressure we have pressed on the screen and differentiate between 3 states: classic pulsation, stronger pulsation, and a third still stronger. Depends on the pressure we exert on the screen, iPhone identifies it as a function or another we want to do.

If you need to change your phone, have you considered moving to a phablet ? They are somewhat larger than the smartphones we are used to seeing, but they are worth it.

The latest Android phones from MWC 2016

A few days ago, the Mobile World Congress, the most important mobile event in the world, was held in Barcelona. In it, there were a hundred very cool mobile phones. We wanted to highlight the three Android phones   What we liked most about MWC 2016: a powerful and cheap one, another aquatic and the last, a new concept: the modular telephone. You are ready?

Xiaomi Mi 5, one pass of smartphone

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The new mobile of the Chinese company, Xiaomi Mi 5, is stepping strong. It has nothing to envy to high-end smartphones and costs half. It is made of aluminum and with metallic edges, something that reminds a lot of the iPhone or Samsung.

For the more techies say that it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core processor, the same as the one with the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the LG G5. Hallucinatory!

The company will put it on sale in two versions: a premium with 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, and another more affordable, with 3 GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of memory. Your screen will love it, because it is 5.15 inches, so you can see the photos well!

One of the things we love is their cameras. They are manufactured by Sony and have a resolution of 16 megapixels the back, and 4 megabytes the front. Almost nothing! The selfies are going to be of category. In addition, it comes with a 4-axis optical stabilizer, one more than the iPhone6 ​​brings.

It has a 3000 mAh battery, so that it lasts more than a day without charging it and you can choose it in three colors: black, white and gold.

It went on sale on March 1 for 300 euros in its most economical version .

New dual-pixel system of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Image result for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge are the new bet of this popular manufacturer. As we will tell you below, its great novelty is the dual-pixel system that it includes in your camera. You will flip!

This smartphone has 2 versions, one of 32 GB and another of 64 GB, both expandable up to 200 GB. You can save everything you want without having to worry! The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 5.1-inch screen, while the S7 Edge extends the screen to 5.5 inches. That last! Where are we going to keep this?

One of the great innovations that it brings is that it is resistant to water. But nothing to hold a few drops. It can be submerged up to 1.5 m deep for 30 minutes. You will not have to worry if you fall into the water and take it!

The Korean brand has taken care of all the details and its camera does not leave anyone indifferent. The rear camera is 12 megapixels and, the front, has a resolution of 5 megabytes. If you need a good camera, sign up for this option. In addition, you will be able to record videos in 4K, so you can be seen with the best possible resolution!

It incorporates a dual-pixel system that no smartphone on the market has included so far. It is a system that is only found in SLR cameras and that makes the camera focus the scene much faster.

Samsung’s mobiles will go on sale March 11 in three colors: gold, white and silver. Both will go on sale at a price of 719 euros on S7 and 819 euros on S7Edge.

LG G5, the modular telephone arrives

At the Mobile World Congress, LG has presented its new smartphone : LG G5. If you already surprised us years ago with its original rear button, now it returns to the fray by launching a modular smartphone .

Like the Xiaomi, the LG G5 includes the 8-core Snapdragon processor, plus an internal 32GB memory and 4GB of RAM. The screen is 5.3 inches, so you have a screen for a while!

As we told you, the coolest thing about the LG G5 is that you can exchange parts of the phone because it’s modular! It is very easy to add an extra battery, a better camera or a more powerful speaker. Simply, you have to slide, and remove and put the parts.

Also, bring three cameras, it’s an authentic past! It has two lenses in the back, a 16- megapixel lens with a 78-degree lens and an 8- megapixel lens with a 135-degree lens. On the other hand, LG does not forget the selfies with an 8- megapixel front camera . This smartphone is the only one on the market that includes two rear cameras, so you’ll be up to date!

At the moment is not confirmed when it will go on sale in Spain, what we do know is that the price of the terminal will be around 700 euros.

If you want to hit a whim and be the latest, bet on one of these SUVs!

Best Chinese phones 2018 for less than 200 euros

Chinese phones are no longer those phones of poor quality that did not last hardly anything. Today, they are one of the most attractive options, especially in the segment of less than 200 euros.

For that price range, some Chinese phones offer better benefits than others of better known brands .

Thus, you can have a modern design with reduced frames, updated Android, and even a more than decent camera. This used to be a weak point, but, lately, they have also come a long way.

Therefore, today we are going to see the best Chinese mobile options for less than 200 euros, which is being offered to us this 2018.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus, a high-end that has gone down a lot of price

Related image

If you want a high-end model from just over a year ago and for less than 200 euros, do not hesitate, the Meizu Pro 6 Plus is the answer.

4 gigs of RAM and 64 of storage, with a Samsung processor, the Exynos 8890, plus a spectacular screen of 5.7 inches (QHD resolution), make this Chinese phone the most powerful of the 3 that we show you .

More than 138,000 points in Antutu (the app that measures the power of the phones) make it a top of the range that has dropped to less than 200 euros bought from China.

In fact, you may also find a site in Spain that sells it also touching those 200 euros.

An excellent Sony 12 Mpx camera completes the set and is that the Meizu Pro 6 Plus is a beast at the price of scandal.

Huawei Honor 9 Lite. Balanced and modern

Image result for Huawei Honor 9 Lite

Huawei has become a best-selling brand in Spain, and it’s no wonder. In these last two years, their phones have improved a lot.

A sample is the Huawei Honor 9 Lite, a phone that you can get for about 200 euros bought from Spain, and between 150 and 190 euros bought from China (always remember the possible customs and waiting time).

With a nice modern design of reduced frames, the Huawei Honor 9 Lite is a balanced phone in everything .

3 gigs of RAM, with 32 storage (there are versions of 4 gigs of RAM and 64 of storage, but they jump a little over 200 euros). Carry inside the efficient processor Kirin 659 of the Huawei march, which moves with solvency everything you throw at it.

To finish, 5.65-inch screen and a double camera of 13 Mpx that does its job very well.

Undoubtedly, for less than 200 euros, it is one of the best Chinese mobile phones to consider.

Available in black, blue, gray and white, it gives us options for all tastes.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, the best option of less than 200 euros in Chinese mobile

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Probably, this is the best option for less than 200 euros , right now, within the 2018 options.

With it you will have an ultramodern design; curved corners, reduced frames and no less than 5.99 inches of screen , with the 18: 9 format so fashionable now, and an FHD + resolution.

Bought in Spain, in its version of 4 gigs of RAM and 64 of storage, is between 170 and 190 euros .

A more than decent camera and superior to many others in that price range, an efficient Qualcomm 625 processor and a huge 4,000 milliamp battery (which guarantees two days or more of normal use) will delight anyone.

Until his “big brother”, the Redmi Note 5, with its spectacular double camera and its latest generation processor , down from 200 euros (right now is between 220 and 240 euros), this is the recommendation.

Although, if you have those few extra euros, do not hesitate and choose that Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.

And if you do not want such large screens, you prefer pure Android and a double heart attack camera, then the Xiaomi Mi A1 2017 is still one of the best purchases also in 2018, in terms of Chinese phones.

You can find it from 160 euros bought from Spain.

As you can see, you can choose between excellent phones when it comes to Chinese phones less than 200 euros. So you do not have to give up anything, even if you do not have a lot of money.